3 Advantages of a Variant Inventory System

variant Jul 19, 2021

A variant inventory system is a system designed to accommodate products with variations to it, such as size or color. Common examples of such products can include portable hard drives with varying amounts of disk space and t-shirts with different color variants.

Having an inventory system that can specifically handle these products without individually cataloguing each one can be very helpful to a modern retail business. In this article, we will be looking at the advantages of opting for a variant inventory system.

Let’s take a look at whether variant inventory systems are right for you.

1. Saves Time

The first and most advantageous aspect of the variant inventory system is that it saves you and your staff a lot of time.

The time spent individually entering each item of each variant into the stock system can be saved through a variant inventory system. With most competent variant inventory systems, one needs to input the product once and add the variations. At this point, the system can easily catalogue the products and their sales.

The time spent on repetitive and boring tasks like stock input can be saved and spent on other more meaningful tasks.

2. Cater to Different Customer Needs

Another aspect of variant products is how it caters to different types of people. For example, t-shirt size or accessibility options may differ on an individual level.

By offering your customers variations and options for the product they want, you are accommodating the needs of more types of people. People come in all shapes and sizes and have different needs.

The stores that cater to more types of people are more likely to retain them as loyal customers.

3. Increase Sales

Different people want different things. This should come as no surprise to anyone working in the retail or sales industry.

When you opt for a variant inventory system or integrate such a system into your existing system, you are able to stock and sell products with variations much more easily. This means that you can appeal to a much broader range of people with their individual tastes.

There is a famous marketing story about the creation of smooth vs chunky pasta sauce. One conclusion that can be drawn from the story is that whether consumers opt for smooth or chunky sauce, they end up buying pasta sauce in the end. Variant products can follow this same logic.

A good variant inventory system can add a lot to your retail business. It saves time, caters to more people, and can contribute to increasing your profits if you use it right.

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