3 Features to Look for in a POS System for your Clothing Store

listicle Jan 16, 2021

Managing a clothing store in the modern age is no easy task. That’s why the most successful stores tend to use digital tools to augment their business. From tracking inventory to dealing with suppliers to accounting to long term data analysis, digital tools can take on much of the minutia and mental heavy lifting involved with running a modern clothing store.

One of the most important digital tools for your clothing store has to be a good POS system. Used to track sales, cash flow, and so much more, a POS system can ease a lot of the mental burden administrative work puts on your staff so that they may provide better service to your customers.

That being said, POS systems are a dime a dozen in today’s competitive market place. As such, it is important to choose the right one for your store. And since not all POS systems are created equal, let’s go over some features to look for when choosing the right system for you.

1. Ease of Use

This one might seem like a no-brainer but it does warrant a great deal of consideration. The ease of use of a POS system can impact your business in many ways.

For instance, the time lost adopting the system will be less if it is simple and easy to pick up and understand for your staff, despite their differing backgrounds. This means you can get back to regular operations without losing much in terms of potential profit. Additionally, the monetary and time cost of training new staff goes down significantly if the system is easy to understand and pick up.

Another benefit an easy-to-use system can have on your staff is that it frees up their time and mental faculties to focus away from the bookkeeping your store needs. Instead, they can focus on areas such as customer service, sales, and marketing.

2. A Flexible Inventory System

Managing inventory is very important, regardless of what kind of store you might run. But to a clothing store, a flexible and robust inventory system is even more important. With customers asking about different products in different sizes and colors and brands, it is paramount that the stock is as organized and as up to date as it can be. As such, the POS system you bring to your clothing store should have inventory management functions that are suited to your needs.

One such must-have feature is the ability to use variant inventory. This is a type of inventory system designed for products which share the same base design and maker, but differ in specific, key ways. For example, a branded t-shirt that comes in red, blue, and yellow, or a pair of branded sneakers which share the same design and color, but vary in shoe size. Normal inventory systems might create individual entries for each variation, while a specialized variant inventory system will create one entry in the system and enable you to switch between the variants. This saves time and storage space.

Another inventory-related feature that would be very helpful to any clothing store is keeping an accurate count of the stock. While your staff could waste time manually doing it, they could also automate it through a good POS system. Inputting each item once makes sure that that the system can track the item from store to shelf to sale, updating the stock automatically as it does so.

3. Data Analytics

The usefulness of detailed data analytics should not be understated. It has made itself the backbone of modern business for a reason. It allows business owners and staff to peek at the big picture of consumer behavior, supplier habits, product lifecycles, and more. This helps them make informed decisions, every time.

There is a lot that data analytics can bring to your clothing store. For instance, data based on demographics can be very useful in knowing your customers better. By being able to see which age group or gender or economic class prefers what types of products, you are able to cater to their needs more specifically.

Additionally, knowing when a certain type of clothing item is more popular can help you place orders ahead of time to suppliers and save time and money. In fact, this type of data can help you store keep up with current trends with ease.

As such, being able to get data analytics easily is an essential feature for the POS system for your clothing store.

Our Recommendation

With all that said, it is now time for our recommendation for what we believe is the perfect POS system for your clothing store.

The perfect POS system for your store should be easy to learn and use. It should have a flexible and robust inventory management system. It should also be able to provide you useful data analytics easily.

Considering all this, our recommendation is Ewity.

Ewity is an easy-to-use cloud-based POS system. It offers extensive options in terms of inventory management. It also generates data analytics within the system based on any number of variables you might have in mind. It also integrates other software such as WooCommerce and QuickBooks. And all you need to bring Ewity into your store is an internet connection and a web browser. No specialized hardware or servers. Just the good stuff.

So, why don’t you check out our website and try Ewity today for the low, low price of FREE!