4 Reasons Why Ewity is Suited for your Electronics Store

electronics Apr 11, 2021

Of all the different kinds of stores out there, electronic stores are probably most tied to the digital age. After all, they deal in tech. As such, it is important to make use of the very best digital tools at your disposal to assist with the management of your store.

In that vein, allow us to introduce you to Ewity. Ewity is our cloud-based, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use POS system. We take pride in providing strong and stable support to you and your staff with tasks such as inventory management and data collection/analysis so that your focus can be where it needs to be.

So, let’s take a quick look at why Ewity is the POS system your store needs.

1. A Cloud-Based System

As you may already know, a cloud-based system is one where the tech that makes it work is hosted remotely in a secure location and accessed through the Internet. This comes with quite a few benefits, as we will delve into here.

The first and most obvious benefit is that it saves space in your store. There is no need to allocate large parts of the store or the back end to servers. All your store needs is a device which can access the Internet and the power of Ewity is yours to use.

Additionally, the lack of large servers can free up the electrical outlets of your store for product display purposes.

2. A Robust Inventory System

Another feature of Ewity that we are very proud of is our robust inventory system. It can handle many different kinds of products efficiently and can update itself when sales are made. For instance, products can be added into Ewity’s inventory system as serialized inventory and variant inventory.

Serialized inventory is very useful for products where each individual item can be uniquely identified. Mobile phones with their IMEI numbers fall under this category.

Variant inventory is used for products where the basic design is the same but the individual items differ by some superficial variable. Portable hard drives differing by the size of storage fall under this category.

Both of these options for inventory make our system ideal for your electronic store.

3. Reliable Developer Support

The team at Ewity take pride in being able to respond to your queries and crises as soon as possible. We make ourselves available to our valued clients in their time of need.

The dev team can be reached through our website (linked below), our Facebook page, or our Linked In page. The team is happy to answer any questions, help with installation, troubleshoot, or discuss any other relevant matter.

Additionally, if you opt for Ewity’s Professional Plan, we provide you with priority support. You will get a guaranteed response quicker and your query takes priority.

4. Detailed Data Analytics

The modern world is built on metaphorical bricks of data. The more information you are able to gather and analyze, the better decisions you are able to make. The old adage that knowledge is power has never been more true.

Ewity understands this and is constantly collecting data. It collects data on what is in the inventory, sales being made, some details of customers they are willing to share, etc.

Ewity then crunches the numbers and is able to provide you with data analytics specified to your needs. Whether it is sales by demographic, sales by month, sales by product, etc, Ewity can handle it with ease.

With Ewity’s help, the informed decisions you make will be the most informed they’ve ever been.

And there you have it! Those are just a few reasons why Ewity is a great fit as a POS system for your electronics store.

If we’ve piqued your interest, why not head on over to our website and try the Starter Plan of Ewity for the low price of ABSOLUTELY FREE?