3 Ways Cloud-Based POS Systems Saves Money

cloud-based Feb 08, 2021

We are currently living in a marvelous digital age where more things are possible than ever before. We’ve found many digital solutions to age-old problems that limited our progress and prosperity in almost every field imaginable.

Sales and retail is just one of the areas that has massively benefitted from newly created digital tools, apps, and technology. Various processes like inventory management have been streamlined, freeing up the staff to focus on customer service and general sales. All the while, there have also been massive costs cut due to new ways of doing things.

One of these innovations is the cloud-based POS system. A cloud-based system refers to on-demand services, networks, storage, applications, or resources available through the Internet. You can access these features remotely through the network, without having to invest in physical infrastructure.

This article is going to look at cloud-based POS systems and how they can save you and your store money. So, let’s look at the ways.

1. Saves Space

The first way a cloud-based POS system can save you money is through not needing any investment in terms of space.

Cloud-based systems don’t need massive server rooms or specialized equipment. All they usually need is a cash register and a device that can connect to the Internet.

Additionally, several of the best cloud-based POS software do not require apps to be installed on your computer. Instead, your staff can access the system through web browsers such as Google Chrome.

The physical and digital space saved by cloud-based systems directly translates into running costs saved over a long period of time.

2. Resource Requirement Low

Another positive a cloud-based system can bring to your store is through the low technical requirements needed to operate them.

Due to the fact that the majority of the processing and data storage is handled offsite, the terminal through which the system is accessed need not be very sophisticated or powerful.

This means that budget PCs or tablets are more than good enough to handle these systems at their full capacity, without affecting profit in any way.

The money saved on investing into expensive computer systems or tablets can be very useful to cover other costs, or as a financial safety blanket.

3. Reliability of the Tech

One of the falsely held beliefs about cloud-computing is that it is only useful as long as the Internet connection lasts. However, this is not true.

The best cloud-based systems have redundancies in place for the situation when the connection is terminated. They can often temporarily store data locally until the connection is reestablished. At this point, the stored data is uploaded to the server.

As for the servers, most such systems tend to use server space provided by big-name companies such as Amazon. This ensures that the servers are generally stable and if an error occurs, there is a highly capable team of professionals rushing to fix the problem.

Additionally, these types of servers are also known for state-of-the-art security measures, which ensures that your data will be well protected.

A system that reliably works is a system that does not require additional cost to maintain or fix.

Now that we’ve talked about the cost-saving benefits of cloud-based POS systems, the question becomes, what is a good product that can be recommended.

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