3 Ways Ewity can Bring your Store into the Digital Age

listicle Dec 12, 2020

We are now in an ever-accelerating digital age. The world moves fast and it requires us to make quick decisions. Ideally, these would be informed, good decisions. But without the proper tools, it becomes very difficult to keep up with the rapid advance of technology in this Internet age.

This difficulty can be especially felt when it comes to the sales industry. Whether your store takes card, allows for transferring from accounts, has mobile pay options enabled, etc. determines whether the customers of today will opt for your store or not.

It is clear that we all need to move into the digital age. The old ways of doing things are no longer viable. We need modern solutions for modern problems… which is exactly what Ewity provides.

Ewity is an easy-to-use POS software that can be tailored to your business. Whether you are a family business or a medium to large organization, Ewity can help your store make the transition from analogue to digital with ease and finesse.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways Ewity can bring your store into the digital age.

1. Inventory Management

Ewity boasts a range of functions and features that can help your staff manage your inventory. One of the most prominent ones is the ability to link shop-floor sales with inventories in real time. When an item is scanned or manually input, Ewity keeps track of this and makes a change to your stock accordingly.

Ewity also allows you to input and maintain different types of products. For instance, Ewity can easily manage variant products such as hard drives where the product name and brand are the same but the internal storage space differs. Ewity can also manage perishable products with expiry dates, along with many other types of products. It even allows you to input custom products for specialized stores.

Another way Ewity helps with inventory management is by allowing you to keep accurate, up-to-date tabs on your stock levels at any given time. You can easily see what changes came to stock levels and what became of the products.

2. Detailed Sales Analysis Reports

Quick and accurate information is the key to thriving in the digital age. Ewity is exceptional when it comes to providing this information to you or your employees. It can provide real-time data that can put your financial performance into proper context. Since the service is web-based, you can check up on your store from wherever you are.

It can also easily generate statistics and data analytics on a wide variety of topics. These can include end-of-day reports, stock fluctuation reports for specific products, and yearly reports. The best part is that with just a few clicks, you can establish the parameters for the statistics and Ewity will generate statistical analyses for you in a few short moments.

3. Software Integration

One of the most useful aspects of managing a store digitally is being able to integrate complementary software. Some of the most useful types include accounting software and e-commerce software. These lessen the burden on your staff regarding bookkeeping and help maintain proper records of the running of your business.

Ewity offers you the ability to integrate your existing accounting or e-commerce software into it. With our Professional Plan, Ewity lets you to integrate well-known software such as WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online into it with ease.

Our knowledgeable and capable team is more than happy to help you integrate the software you already use into Ewity. Additionally, since software integration is part of our Professional Plan, you also gain priority support for any technical issues you may encounter.

The move from analogue to digital has been rapid and is accelerating as we travel further and further into the digital age. The businesses of today need to keep up with this rapid pace to stay competitive and relevant in the modern age. Customers themselves are changing in terms of buying habits and expectations. As such, it is very important that your store takes steps to keep up with the developing world.

Fortunately, Ewity is here to help. What we’ve discussed here today barely scratches the surface of how much Ewity can bring to a store. Designed from the ground up with convenience and empowerment in mind, Ewity aims to help bring your store to the digital age.

Take a look at Ewity and start your trial for free here.