3 Ways Ewity can Increase Staff Performance

ewity Jan 24, 2021

The lifeblood of any sales-based business is its staff that sells its products or services.

As such, it is very important to arm them with the right tools to help them do their best work. One of these tools is our easy-to-use, highly customizable, and flexible POS system, Ewity.

Let’s take a look at just some of the ways Ewity can help you bring the best performance from your staff.

1. Our Cloud-Based System

Ewity is a cloud-based POS system. In Layman’s terms, what this means is that the technology behind what makes the system tick is located remotely and accessed through the internet. This feature brings many benefits to your store and its staff.

One of the biggest benefits this quality brings to your staff is the lack of on-site servers or other technology to take care of. By removing this upkeep from the equation, your staff never have to worry about the functioning of Ewity.

If you opt for our Professional Plan, you get to operate Ewity from unlimited locations. This allows your staff to be on the move within your shop with smart devices and have the entire functionality of Ewity at their fingertips.

Without the distraction of looking after a server or any technical infrastructure, your staff can simply focus on delivering the best customer service they can and making sales.

2. Our Meticulous Record-Keeping

One of the biggest contributions to your store Ewity makes is providing you with all sorts of data. This can range from highly customizable sales reports to customer purchase information.

The first advantage our record keeping gives your employees is through the power and flexibility of our inventory management system. This system allows your staff to manage a robust inventory, with various options to deal with different kinds of products.

These can include variant inventory for products with the same basic design but with variations, such as shoes in different sizes or a hard drive with different spaces. It can also include batch inventory, for products created at the same time in the same place, which can be useful for tracking expiry dates of perishables.

Another advantage our record-keeping can give your staff comes from our customer information. This feature can track the sales made to specific customers, and much more. This allows your staff to easily keep track of sales on credit and update it as the remaining balance is paid over time.

It can also provide insight into the customer’s preferences, which can help your staff upsell or cross sell to them.

3. Our Failsafe Options

It is said that the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. Simply put, things just sometimes go wrong, no matter how well we plan.

The Ewity POS system is no exception. However, it is in how we respond to these obstacles that define our quality. And we mean that quite literally.

As we’ve talked about before, Ewity is a cloud-based system. So, what happens if the internet gets cut off? Do your staff lose all records? Are they unable to proceed with their work?

Not at all. Ewity is able to store data offline if the connection isn’t working, only to upload it later when the connection is reestablished. There not be any significant interruption to your staff’s sales during this time.

Additionally, our team is easily reachable and respond to issues posthaste. The team is well-equipped with the knowledge and the skill to find the quickest, most efficient solution to whatever issue you and your staff face, so that everyone can go back to business as usual.

In fact, by opting for the Professional Plan, you get priority support. This means that any issues you flag will be treated as the highest of priorities for our team.

In the modern understanding of business, the staff are seen as valuable parts of the company, whose conditions directly affects profitability. As such, investing in the best tools to help them do their job is not only profitable, but is the right thing to do.

One way you could do this is by giving your sales staff access to Ewity. As mentioned before, the system is easy to use, takes up minimal space, is customizable to your needs, provides you and your staff with a plethora of information, and has very effective fail safes to help address any issues, rare as they may be.

From the point of view of your staff, Ewity is just an easy system they can use and it “just works”.

So, why not take the first step to empower your sales staff with the power of Ewity by trying it out for FREE, right here.