3 Ways to Run your Retail Business with Ewity’s Starter Plan

ewity Jan 24, 2021

Ewity is our easy-to-use, flexible, cloud-based POS system designed to empower store owners everywhere. Ewity aims to make sales as easy and intuitive as possible, while also taking care of the bookkeeping.

Ewity comes in a Starter Plan and a Professional Plan, but today, we will be focusing on the Starter Plan. We will take a look at what it offers and how you can run your small retail business through it.

Also, it is worth noting that the Starter Plan is FREE OF CHARGE for an agreed-upon duration.

This does limit some of the more advanced features, but this article will illustrate how even the Starter Plan is enough to run a small business.

So, with no further ado, let’s take a look at what Ewity bring to your store. All of the features listed below are available through the Starter Plan.

1. Saving Space

As mentioned before, Ewity is a cloud-based system. In Layman’s terms, what this means is that the behind-the-scenes tech that makes Ewity tick is located remotely and is accessed through the internet.

The benefits of this approach are obvious; a large amount of your floorspace is saved. Without servers and custom hardware taking up space, the limited space you have can be better utilized for the presentation of your store.

Ewity also saves space in a digital sense, due to the fact that it is accessed through a web browser. A specialized app need not be installed onto your computer system. All of its data and reports are also safely hosted remotely and can be accessed with a few clicks.

2. Meticulous Bookkeeping

One of Ewity’s best features is the way it can meticulously keep track of various types of information. This can range from our robust stock management system to manage various types of stock, all the way to the various types of sales data Ewity can use to generate data analytics.

Our inventory management system deserves a special shoutout due to how flexible it is. It has been designed from the ground up to be able to handle multiple types of products that require multiple types of tracking and indexing to keep track of.

For instance, items like mobile phones might benefit from serialized inventory, where each item gets its own unique code. Conversely, the expiry date of a stock of milk can be monitored through batch inventory, which helps keep track of items that came from the same supplier and was produced in the same batch. There is also variant inventory for products which are very similar, but have small differing characteristics. These can include shoes of different sizes and hard drives of different storage space.

However, it is worth noting that the Standard Plan allows you up to 5000 product entries. This makes it ideal for small gift shops, family-owned stores, and the like. The Professional Plan does not carry this limitation.

Ewity also collects information on sales. This information can be used to generate any number of data analytics, based on a variety of parameters such as date, time, sales of a specific product, sales to a specific demographic, and more.

We are proud to say that all of this information is readily available and at your fingertips with the Standard Plan.

3. Ease of Use

The conversation about Ewity’s ease of use begins with its nature as a cloud-based program. All your staff need to do is log into Ewity through an internet connection on the device that has been authorized for the system.

With the Standard Plan, we offer Ewity to you on one system. This means that if you are a small business owner, you are able to use our system to its full potential with just one device. As long as you have an internet connection, Ewity is at your fingertips.

The next point to touch on is the fail safes that exist to aid your staff. Despite Ewity being a cloud-based system, we do have a fail safe in case the internet goes down.

Ewity will store your information locally on your device until the connection is reestablished and the data can be uploaded. This means that your staff can carry on using Ewity without interruption.

With the Standard Plan, we also provide limited support to you in the case of an error or a crash.

These are just three of the ways our Standard Plan can help you run your store. This free offer is meant to showcase just what Ewity can do on the most individual level.

At any point, the Standard Plan can be upgraded to the Professional Plan and all limits can be taken off.

The Professional Plan can allow you to access Ewity through unlimited locations, input unlimited products, and comes with priority support. You can also integrate popular software such as WooCommerce and QuickBooks into it with ease.

If you’d like to try Ewity out and see what we can bring to your retail business, please head over to our website and sign up for the Standard Plan for absolutely FREE!