4 Features of Ewity’s Starter Plan

plans May 03, 2021

Ewity is our easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, cloud-based POS system. It comes with many features designed to help you and your staff manage your store. From a robust inventory system that can handle multiple types of products to data analytics, Ewity has it all.

Today, we will be focusing less on the system itself and more on how it is being offered to you, our potential esteemed client. Ewity offers two plans to interested parties; the Starter Plan and the Professional Plan.

The Starter Plan is for those who want to test Ewity out, explore the ins and outs of the system, and see if it can aid them in managing their stores.

This article will highlight some of the features of the Starter Plan. We hope that you will find this useful in your decision on whether to try Ewity out or not. That being said, let’s proceed.

1. A Better Inventory System

The Starter Plan of Ewity allows users to make use of the majority of its inventory system features.

Aside from batch inventory and serialized inventory, the inventory system offered by the Starter Plan can handle most types of products. You can add 5000 unique entries into the system. Ewity also keeps track of the stock as it is sold by updating the inventory to reflect the sale.

The inventory system of Ewity is designed to track and manage your inventory so that your staff can simply add stock to the system. The system will take care of managing and keeping track of the rest using data collected from sales.

2. One Location, One Register

The Starter Plan of Ewity enables the system in one location and one register. It doesn’t require any expensive equipment or high level systems to run. All it needs is a device that can browse the Internet.

This limited offer is meant to let potential clients try Ewity out in a limited capacity to see if it is for them. Additionally, it is ideal for small to mid-range stores that may not employ more than one cash register.

If you like what the Starter Plan has to offer, the Professional Plan can remove this limitation and allow you to add an unlimited number of locations and registers.

3. Reliable Developer Support

One of the issues with incorporating digital tools into the business world is that sometimes, the developers of the tools are hard to reach. Whether it is due to a malfunction, to clarify a doubt, or to otherwise attend to the system, it is vital that the devs are available to the clients.

We at Ewity take pride in providing customer support to any of our esteemed clients in their time of need. We work hard to make it prompt and helpful.

The Starter Plan of Ewity does come with developer support, but it is limited due to the limited offer being made. However, if you like your experience, you can always invest in the Professional Plan, which comes with priority support.

4. The Best Price in Town

The last feature we will be mentioning here is one of the most attractive aspects of Ewity’s Starter Plan; its price. We are fairly confident that it is an unbeatable price, well worth your time.

The Starter Plan of Ewity is available to all interested parties for the low price of ABSOLUTELY FREE. This means you get to experience an in-depth, hands-on trial of our system for a limited price without paying a cent.

You can discuss with the Ewity team and agree upon a duration for the Starter Plan. At the end of this agreed-upon time, you can decide whether Ewity is worth it or not. We offer you the ability to make this choice without suffering financially in the least.

And there you have it. A brief overview of the Starter Plan of Ewity.

If what we’ve discussed here has caught your eye or you are otherwise interested in Ewity, please head on over to our website to learn more.