5 Reasons Why Ewity is Suited for a Supermarket

supermarket May 16, 2021

Ewity is our easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, cloud-based POS system. It is filled with various features to help with any type of store.

Today, we will be looking at some of those features and how they can help manage a supermarket.

With no further ado, let us begin.

1. A Cloud-Based System

As mentioned before, Ewity is a cloud-based system. In Layman’s terms, this means that the majority of the technology that makes Ewity work is hosted at a remote location, to be accessed through the Internet. There are a few advantages to this.

Firstly, a cloud-based system can save a noticeable amount of space that would otherwise be occupied by servers or other forms of unwieldy tech. This space can then be utilized for displaying more products.

Another advantage is the lower power consumption. Servers tend to drain power quite a bit and they need to be kept on for long periods of time. This may not seem like a big deal but the losses on utility bills can add up fast.

With the freezers and other electronics that may need to be on around the clock, adding a server only adds to your problems.

2. A Robust Inventory System

Ewity boasts an extremely robust inventory system that can handle most types of products in the market.

The system can input items with where each individual unit needs to be uniquely identified. This calls for a serialized inventory system. Ewity can also handle items made by the same source around the same time and in batches. This calls for a batch inventory system.

Products that are overall similar but have minor differences are also not a problem. Things like portable hard drives with different storage sizes or t-shirts of the same type but in different colors need a variant inventory system.

We are pleased to say that the inventory system Ewity offers can handle all of these types of products and more.

3. Infinite Locations and Registers

The Professional Plan of Ewity (more on this below) offers the ability to add the system to as many locations and connect as many registers as one could want, with no upper limit.

This means that all the computers and connected cash registers at a supermarket can easily be connected to the same system. In fact, if the supermarket expands to other locations, they can be connected through Ewity as well.

Keeping track of inventory, making sales, and obtaining data analytics of it all has never been this easy.

4. Data Management

In the modern digital age, information is everything. The more data one is able to collect and analyze, the better picture one has of the world around them. There are surprisingly profitable insights hidden in all kinds of data just waiting for someone to discover them.

Ewity has the ability to keep track of various types of data. This can include an updating list of the stock, some public details of customers (demographic information), and more.

It can also analyze this data and create reports catered to your specifications. You can access this information remotely or on the go as well.

5. Reliable Developer Support

In the fast-paced world of retail in a supermarket, the flow of work and customers is only as smooth as the functionality of the systems at work. When digital tools enter the picture, a large part of the number crunching and mental work is offloaded to them. Due to this, when they malfunction, the store comes to a halt.

We at Ewity take pride in making sure that our team of developers are easily available for our clients. We provide support, even for the Starter Plan of Ewity and for the Professional Plan, we provide priority support.

Though Ewity is a stable system, one might still need to contact us for various reasons. As such, we consider being able to attend any issues ASAP to be one of our selling points as well.

And there you have it, a look at how and why Ewity would be a great fit for a supermarket.

The Starter Plan of Ewity is absolutely FREE but comes with some minor limitations. It is meant to be a preview of what the system can do. However, the Professional Plan is where the training wheels comes off and the full power of the system is at your disposal.

If you found this article interesting and wish to learn more about Ewity, you can visit our website here and sign up for a tour.