5 Reasons Why Ewity is Suited for your Grocery Store

ewity Apr 11, 2021

In the modern world, most grocery stores opt for a POS system to do sales through and to keep track of their inventory. That being said, the choice of which system to choose is an important one.

This article is about our POS system, Ewity. In it, we are going to highlight the many ways in which Ewity is the right system for your grocery store.

With no further ado, let’s begin.

1. A Cloud-Based System

In simple terms, a cloud-based system is one where the majority of the technical framework that makes the system work is hosted remotely in other locations and accessed over the Internet. Ewity is one such cloud-based system.

The only thing needed to access Ewity is a device with Internet access. All the information you need is at the press of a button. This also saves room in your store for product placement, decorations, or any other use you might have.

A cloud-based system has the additional benefit of requiring less energy to run. This saves you money over time on bills as well.

2. Easy to Use

We take pride in Ewity being easy to learn and use for your staff. The system is designed from the ground up to be user friendly and intuitive.

We understand that different staff from many different backgrounds may handle Ewity and designed it to be easy to learn and familiarize themselves with. You get to decide how much access each staff has and what features are available to them. This ensures that they only deal with the functions of Ewity that pertain to their duties.

Additionally, this ease of use is also meant to free up their time so they may focus away from data entry and more on their other duties.

3. Our Inventory System

One of our most prized features is our robust inventory system. We tailor-made it to be able to handle many different types of products.

We provide you with the ability to input stock as batch inventory for products that came from the same supplier and were manufactured in batches, such as milk. We also provide variant inventory for products which share the same base design but differ in superficial ways, such as different colors of the same toothbrush design.

These are just some of the options we offer with Ewity. If your grocery store has stock, we have a system that can handle it.

4. Developer Support

One of the common complaints about adopting new systems is the lack of timely contact and support from the developers who created the system. We at Ewity are completely against this.

We take pride in providing support to our clients when or if they need it. Whether it is installing Ewity or troubleshooting any errors, we are always there to help. We can be reached through our social media and our website.

Additionally, we also provide priority support for clients who opt for our Professional Plan. The more you invest in us, the more we invest in you.

5. Affordability

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about price. This is a very big difference-maker when it comes to choosing a POS system for a grocery store. There is usually a limited budget to spend on such things and you will want to make sure your money goes towards things that actually help your store.

Let us take this moment to let you know that the Starter Plan of Ewity is totally free. We let you use the system on one device, with some premium features behind a paywall. This is our way of letting our clients and potential clients experience what we have to offer.

So, if price is an issue, why not try out our Starter Plan and see what Ewity can do for you?

And there you have it! Just five reasons why Ewity is the right choice for your grocery store.

If any of what we’ve written about here today has caught your attention, we would love to hear from you.

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