A Brief Overview of Ewity

ewity Aug 16, 2021

Ewity is our easy-to-learn, easy-to-use cloud=based POS system designed to help all types of stores and businesses.

In this article, we will be going over some of the key features of Ewity and what it brings to the table. We hope that by the end, you will consider giving this exceptional system a try.

Let us give an overview of Ewity in five points.

1. A Cloud-Based System

The first notable feature of Ewity is the fact that it is cloud-based. This means that the tech that makes Ewity work is located in a secure remote location accessed through the Internet.

Ewity does not require a high level computer or extra devices for it to work. Any smart device that can browse the Internet is enough.

Not only does opting for Ewity save you space and extra cost spent on upgrading your tech, it also ensures that your precious data is protected in a remote location in case of theft or accident.

2. A Robust Inventory System

Ewity boasts a robust inventory system that can handle many different types of products.

For instance, Ewity lets you input products with expiry dates under batch tracking so all of them can be tracked together. Products like milk fall into this category.

Alternatively, you could also input products identified by a unique serial number through Ewity’s Serialized Inventory system. This is useful for products like mobile phones, which might need to have specific units tracked.

Ewity even supports a Variant Inventory system for products which are quite similar, except for some notable variations. This can include products such as t-shirts from the same brand that differ in color or portable hard disks that differ in space available.

3. Data Analytics

Another one of the key features of Ewity is its ability to collect and analyze data.

While you are using Ewity, it will be collecting all sorts of data. This includes the latest inventory update, sales figures, time of date for each sale, and so on.

This data can then be retrieved in the form of data analytics. Reports generated by Ewity based on both the data it collects and any specifications you prefer.

Having the ability to obtain customized data analytics from your business is very helpful when it’s time to make informed decisions about the future.

4. Software Integration

Ewity is also able to take some of the existing software and services you use and integrate them into it. This means that the transition to Ewity will be smooth and easy.

Some of the services and software Ewity can integrate include the accounting suite QuickBooks and the online storefront service, WooCommerce.

Ewity can easily integrate these services and more. Speak to our developers to learn more about integrating existing software.

5. A Responsive Dev Team

The Ewity team take a great deal of pride in being as responsive and available as we can be to the needs of our valued clients.

We maintain an active presence on Facebook and Linked in (we post articles there weekly, so do check it out). We can be contacted through these channels and will respond as soon as possible.

The availability and the helpfulness of the developers in case of any issue or if any clarification is needed, is one of the strengths of Ewity as well.

And that was a brief overview of Ewity. We offer two plans for anyone looking to try out the system.

The Starter Plan offers limited access to Ewity, but is absolutely free. It is ideal for those looking to try Ewity out to see if it is the right fit for them.

The Professional Plan offers unlimited access to everything Ewity can do. It is priced according to your needs and is ideal for those looking for a longer commitment.

If you’d like to learn more about Ewity or are curious to see it in action, please visit our website right here.