How to Grow Your Store with Ewity’s Professional Plan

store Feb 02, 2021

Ewity is out easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, cloud-based POS system. With simply an internet connection and a web browser, Ewity can help you take your sales, inventory management, and data analytics to the next level.

We offer two options for Ewity users; the Starter Plan and the Professional Plan.

In this article, we will be taking a look at our Professional Plan. It has more features than the Starter Plan and can help your business grow from a single-location store to having multiple outlets. It can also help you grow your single-location store by offering more options to work with.

That being said, let’s get into how the Professional Plan of Ewity can help you grow your store.

1. Unlimited Locations and Registers

The Starter Plan of Ewity has a limitation whereby you can only use it in one location and on one register. This plan is intended to give store-owners a taste of what we can offer.

The Professional Plan comes with this restriction removed completely, with no upper limit to how many locations you can access us through. You can also connect to as many registers as you want.

This means that you could potentially have the same inventory management system handling stock across multiple stores. You could also gather data from all of them and create any number of data analytics. This makes expanding to extra locations much simpler. Any staff who gets shuffled around will not need a learning curve to get to work.

Conversely, you could also take advantage of this multiple locations/registers feature by having multiple shopping lanes in the same location. This expands your operation and can add to customer satisfaction.

2. Integrating Existing Tech

One of Ewity’s best features is its ability to integrate some of the existing tech you might be using, such as QuickBooks and WooCommerce.

With many stores also maintaining a digital storefront, integrating plugins like WooCommerce has become commonplace. The Professional Plan of Ewity is easily able to integrate these services, so your store will not miss a beat as it switches over to Ewity.

Accounting software like QuickBooks are also compatible with Ewity.

Integrating all these different types of software and plugins helps you minimize the time spent setting up your system when expanding your store. That time can be spent on other things that require a more hands-on approach.

3. Unlimited Inventory

The inventory management system of Ewity is one of its most notable features. It is able to store and manage many kinds of products, all of which require different approaches to categorization.

For example, mobile phones can be identified by their unique IMEI numbers and require a serialized inventory system, while a batch of milk might have the same expiry date and requires a batch inventory system.

While the Starter Plan has a cap of up to 5000 different products that can be input at any one time, the Professional Plan completely does away with this limitation. What this means is that your store can have access to the full capability of Ewity’s robust inventory system for an unlimited number of product entries.

If you plan to expand your store, it will undoubtedly bring in more stock, which needs to be catalogued and managed. Your staff will never have to worry about the system being “full”. They can scan as many items as they need to without a care.

4. Priority Support

One of the biggest criticisms aimed at developers of software is that they can sometimes be unavailable after purchase. That communicating with them takes several hours, if not days.

Here at Ewity, we do things differently. While the Starter Plan does provide customer support, the Professional Plan provides priority support as a feature.

What this means is that someone from our team will be available to you when and if you need us, posthaste. Under the Professional Plan, we aim to provide support to you and your staff as soon as we can.

This can contribute to your stores growth by ensuring that any unforeseen issues that may come up can be resolved without much disruption of operations or burden on your staff.

As you can see, the Professional Plan of Ewity can do a lot to bring your store to the next level.

Our Starter Plan is offered for free and is a great way to sample what we’re about. However, if you want to grow your business at any point, Ewity is a POS system that is built to be able to follow you to however great heights you soar.

So why don’t you head over to our website and see what Ewity is all about!