Starter vs Professional: Pick the Right Plan for You!

ewity Dec 12, 2020

Ewity is an easy-to-use POS software tailored for your business. It is loaded with features to help you and your employees manage your store (or stores) with ease. It delivers accurate and timely information, it can keep track of your stock, it can manage all kinds of transactions, and it does all this from a simple Google Chrome web browser. It offers you a powerful toolset to take your business to the digital age.

That being said, all the bells and whistles of the software can be quite daunting at first glance. Luckily, we offer a Starter and Professional plans for you to choose from. They offer a different experience to you and your staff.

So, let’s take a look at these two packages so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

The Starter Plan

Think of the Starter Plan as an extended, hands-on preview of what Ewity can do. It offers almost all the features of Ewity (with a few key notable exceptions).

The Starter Plan of Ewity allows you to make sales, keep accurate records, keep track of the stock in your shop, manage different types of products (eg: color variations of the same cloth, perishable goods, etc), generate a wide variety of reports, manage different types of payments, provide different levels of access to different employees, relay information to management in real time, and much more.

However, the Starter Plan only allows Ewity to be used in one location. It also only allows you to add 5000 different products at a time. Additionally, though our team will still provide you chat support, we are unable to provide you with priority support.

The Starter Plan of Ewity is a good choice for you if you run your store in a single location. This makes it ideal for small businesses, family-owned stores, and sales-related startups. It is also well-suited for specialized stores due to the product limits.

Last but certainly not least, the Starter Plan for Ewity is absolutely FREE for a set time. You pay precisely 0 in whichever currency you prefer for the chance to see what Ewity can do within the set time. The plan is designed to encourage store owners to try Ewity out and see what positive changes it can bring to their stores. It is designed to give you a taste of what it can do so you can decide if you want to commit to the Professional Plan with us.

The Professional Plan

If you’ve seen what Ewity can do and want to make a further commitment, the Professional Plan has you covered. The Professional Plan comes with all the functions the Starter Plan has, along with a few key extra features.

The first among them is the ability to use it from multiple store locations and multiple registers, compared to the single store location offered in the Starter Plan. A second feature which complements this one is the ability to maintain inventory in multiple locations. The Starter Plan already offered great options for inventory management for one location but with the Professional Plan, those options can be applied to more locations. And since Ewity is a cloud-based service, there is no limit to how far these locations can be, provided they have Internet access.

The Professional Plan also allows you to integrate WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online into it. Ewity can work well with all the features of both these services. If you are already using them, our team is able and willing to help you integrate them with Ewity.

Another perk that comes with the Professional Plan is that our team will provide you with priority online support. If you ever have a technical issue, a query, or any other Ewity-related issue, you can contact us and we will respond posthaste.

The last point of note is the pricing. The Professional Plan costs you only $49 per month, per location. This fact, combined with the other features of the Professional Plan makes it the ideal choice for owners of large businesses or chains or stores in multiple locations. The plan is designed to give you everything Ewity can do, at peak performance, for as long as you are willing to subscribe to the service.

Ewity can bring powerful digital tools to any store that needs them. We offer two different plans for your consideration. The Starter Plan offers you an in-depth, hands-on preview of what Ewity can do, while the Professional Plan only expands its functionality and usefulness without removing anything from the experience.

We hope you find this article helpful when making the decision to bring Ewity into your business. Please feel free to check out our website where you can sign up to get a taste of what Ewity can do for you.

See you there!