The 3 Stages of Adopting Ewity

ewity Mar 07, 2021

Ewity is our easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, cloud-based POS system. It is our solution to some of the more taxing logistics problems that come about while in the retail business.

Our app is full of useful features to lessen the mental burden of running a store for you and your staff. Our inventory tracking is second to none and we also provide you with data analytics, customized to your every need.

This article is going to cover what we believe are stages in the process of adopting Ewity. We will look at what each stage entails and how to complete them.

We were able to condense the process into three easy steps.

1. Research

The first step to adopting Ewity is gaining an understanding of just what it can do for you and your store. Far be it for us to recommend our system without doing the research first.

If you would like a closer look at some of the features Ewity offers, you can take a trip to our website to take a quick look. We are also available on Facebook to answer any specific questions.

You could also take a look at some of the articles on this very blog, where we have covered the various features of Ewity and how it can help you in great detail.

If what you learn pleases you, you can proceed to the next step and begin the transition to Ewity.

2. Adoption

Ewity offers two different packages to anyone wishing to try it out. The first of these packages is the Starter Plan.

The Starter Plan offers the majority of the features of Ewity for the low, low price of ABSOLUTELY FREE.

The plan provides the power of Ewity to 1 register and 1 location. You can also register up to 5000 products and have access to our support in case of any issues.

This is the stage at which you can try out Ewity and see how we fit at your store. You have access to our inventory tracking, our robust inventory system itself, and analytics of all the data you can gather.

If you are happy with how Ewity works, you can proceed to the next step and take your Ewity experience up a notch.

3. Commitment

The second package offered by Ewity is the Professional Plan. It removes all the limitations placed on the Starter Plan to provide you with the full scope of what Ewity can do.

The Professional Plan costs $49/month and $24/extra register. However, it is worth noting that as of this writing, there is a 20% discount for a yearly subscription.

This plan allows you to Ewity to an unlimited number of locations. It also lets you add an unlimited number of products into your system. You also get priority support from our team.

Additionally, you can now integrate other apps such as QuickBooks and WooCommerce into Ewity. You also gain the ability to use serialized and batch inventory with our inventory system.

At this stage, you have fully integrated Ewity and we hope that you enjoy the experience.

Ewity is a product that we are very proud to present. We hope that it will lessen the burden on your staff and enable them to perform at their best more frequently. We also hope that the data analytics will arm you with the knowledge to handle any situation your store may face.

If you’d like to try Ewity out, you can click right here to take the tour.