Master the Art of POS Marketing for a Boost in Sales

Point of Sale May 09, 2023

Are you looking for ways to increase sales in your retail store? If so, you might want to consider optimizing your point of sale (POS) area. POS marketing involves using physical displays and small, relevant items to create a path for customers to follow on their way to the checkout counter.

In this post, we'll discuss the benefits of POS marketing and provide tips on how to optimize your POS area for increased sales.

The Benefits of POS Marketing

POS marketing is an effective way to increase sales because it targets customers who are already in the store and ready to make a purchase. According to a survey by, nearly 80% made an impulsive purchase. When done strategically, POS marketing can provide a last-minute way for retailers to influence the purchasing decision.

The key to successful POS marketing is to make it shopper-friendly and engaging. The following tips can help you create effective POS displays that encourage customers to interact with and eventually buy more products.

Tips for Optimizing Your POS Area

Understand Your Product

Before you start creating your POS displays, it's important to take a long, hard look at the products you're offering. What does each product do? How can you make it stand out in your store? Would it look better hung or placed on a shelf? Once you have a clear understanding of your products, you'll be better equipped to create displays that showcase their unique features and benefits.

Consider Practicality

Space near the register is limited, so it's important to make sure your POS display is shopper-friendly and accessible. You want to make sure that it's more of a product stock area rather than a visual display so that shoppers can easily access the products. Be mindful of the fact that your POS display will become a focal point in your store, so you want to make sure you can fit as many items as possible on the display while still making it look clean and organized.

Position Your Display Strategically

Where you place your POS display is critical. Products will be browsed and chosen frequently, meaning you have to be able to easily restock and tidy the space up. Make sure the design isn't too bulky or space-consuming, as this can create a nuisance for those in line and for staff in charge of keeping it stocked. Consider placing your display near the checkout counter or in a high-traffic area of the store.

Design Your Display Creatively

An eye-catching design can successfully pull customers in and drive additional sales. Incorporate bold, appropriate imagery that can be seen from a distance and that will draw your customers in and entice them to buy. Make sure your display is easy to navigate and encourages customers to interact with the products.

Effective Types of POS Displays

Now that you have a better understanding of how to optimize your POS area, let's take a look at some of the most effective types of POS displays:

Counter Displays

Counter space is arguably the most valuable real estate in a retail store. Consider a countertop unit that highlights fast-moving consumables like small toiletry items, beauty products, or food. Be sure to never block line-of-sight between the clerk and the customer.

Free-Standing Floor Displays

Freestanding display units are a great option for products that you want to draw attention to. Setting up stations near your registers that allow customers to actually try your product before they buy can influence buying decisions and increase sales.


Your marketing efforts shouldn't end once a customer sets foot in the store. In fact, your POS displays are a final opportunity to boost sales.