Why Batch Tracking Matters

batch Jul 04, 2021

Batch tracking is a form of inventory management that groups and monitors a set of stock that share similar properties. For example, the expiry date of items.

In this article, we will be taking a look at batch inventory tracking. We will be looking at why it can be useful to a retail business.

That said, let’s begin.

1. Streamlining Expiry Date Tracking

When it comes to the sale of perishable goods, being able to keep track of their expiry dates is crucial. Batch tracking makes the process much more simple.

Perishable goods are usually made in batches. They tend to share the same expiry date. Batch tracking makes it easy to keep track of the entire batch once it arrives at your store. Instead of focusing on scanning in individual units, you could simply scan in the batch.

Once it is scanned in and the expiry date has been input, the system will keep track of it and remind you once the date is approaching. This gives you enough time to respond.

2. Easy to Recall Products

One position you do not want to be in is having to recall defective products. The task of tracking them down can be very time consuming and arduous. This is also an area that batch tracking can help with.

Batch inventory tracking allows for products to be grouped into batches based on manufacture date or some other common trait. This way, if units of the product proves to be defective, the entire batch can be recalled all at once.

The batch inventory system can give you detailed information to identify every defective product based on the batch it came in. This helps you become proactive about recalling these products, instead of reacting to the crisis.

3. Prevent Errors from Manual Tracking

Human error is unavoidable. Even the most diligent staff can make a mistake. This is why it is better to move away from manually tracking inventory.

A manual system to track stock is something that can consume a lot of time and result in great errors. A digital batch tracking system is faster, easier, and more reliable. It can help minimize human error.

A batch tracking system allows the user to enter information that is automatically generated across all the products in the same batch. This information is also easily available for future reference.

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