4 Reasons Why Ewity is Ideal for your Bookstore

ewity Aug 15, 2021

Ewity is our easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, cloud-based POS system. It was designed with the intent of improving the lives of store owners and staff everywhere.

Ewity comes with many features that lets it take on some of the major mental burdens of running a retail business. Tasks such as tracking inventory, logging sales, and collecting information about customers can all be done through Ewity.

In this article, we will be taking a look at how Ewity can be the ideal POS system for a bookstore. We will look at some of its features and how it can aid a bookstore.

Let’s begin with the most obvious advantage.

1. A Cloud-Based System

Ewity is a cloud-based system. In Layman’s terms, this means that the tech that makes the system work is stored remotely in a secure location and can be accessed via the Internet.

A cloud-based offers quite a few advantages to a bookstore. Firstly, it saves a great deal of space that might have otherwise been taken up by servers or other unwieldy devices. This space can now be allocated to displaying more books, which is quite useful.

Another benefit is security. Since all your data is hosted remotely on a server far away, it is much safer from theft or accidents.

Last but not least, a cloud-based system also saves power in the long run, which might be appealing to smaller businesses.

2. Batch Tracking Options

Ewity has a robust and flexible inventory system. It can handle many different kinds of products. For a bookstore specifically, Ewity’s batch tracking options can be very useful.

Batch tracking is used for products that are created at around the same time by the same supplier using the same resources. Tracking them together can make it easier to recall them if needed or to keep track of expiry dates, etc.

In the case of a bookstore, batch tracking is an excellent way to keep track of the different editions of a book that might come out. This can be very helpful for students, collectors, and professionals of various types.

Being able to track editions as a batch can be very useful for a bookstore.

3. Variant Tracking Options

Another option Ewity offers with its inventory system is variant tracking. It is a useful way to track products that are fundamentally the same but have small variants.

In the case of a bookstore, variant tracking is useful to keep track of the different covers of books or the different language translations of books easily. With variant inventory, one need not make entries for each variant separately.

The time and space this saves is priceless.

4. Data Analytics

All modern businesses rely on data analytics to some level, even if it may not be obvious. Collecting information and making decisions based on it is a practice as old as recorded history, after all.

In the case of a bookstore, data can be quite useful. What type of books sell best to which age groups or whether certain types of books sell better at certain times of the year is very useful to know when ordering stock.

The best way to gain access to this information is to collect data and analyze it. Ewity is capable of doing this. It can collect information based on sales and other variables to generate statistics tailored to your exact specifications.

Ewity can help you always make informed decisions.

And there you have it. Just four ways in which Ewity is the ideal POS system for a bookstore.

Ewity offers a Starter Plan and a Professional Plan. The Starter Plan of Ewity is absolutely free.

If all that we’ve discussed here made you curious and you’d like to learn more, please head on over to our website.